L’esperto in energie pulite Winfried Wahl si unisce a HiTHIUM in Germania

L’esperto in energie

Winfried Wahl, Senior Director Product Management, HiTHIUM Germany

To help lead HiTHIUM’s German team as senior director for product management, we have secured tech and energy specialist Winfried Wahl, who has worked for over two decades with global technology companies, including more than 10 years in photovoltaics and clean energy.

Wahl additionally has over a decade of experience in bridging the divide between Asia and Europe, facilitating European market entries and subsequent growth for a range of Chinese companies that are today market leaders. He served, too, for more than eight years on the executive committee of the Bavarian governing party’s energy transition working group. 

“Having someone with Winfried Wahl’s stature was essential for us to grow into a leadership position, while demonstrating to our partners here in Europe how serious we are about serving this market,” said Justin Wu, HiTHIUM Managing Director Europe.

Justin Wu, HiTHIUM Managing Director Europe