Powin & Hithium agreement

HiTHIUM signs with Powin to deliver stationary battery products

Press release

Shanghai / Portland, Oregon, June 16, 2023 – North American energy storage solutions provider Powin LLC (Powin) and battery manufacturer Hithium Energy Storage have agreed to a new partnership for the delivery of Hithium energy storage products. 1.5 GWh of battery capacity has been confirmed, with a further 3.5 GWh in upside potential.

Jason Eschenbrenner, Powin Global VP of Procurement, explained,“The global demand for energy storage is growing and, with this agreement, we’re preparing to meet it. Our customers expect us to deliver maximum safety and performance, and to do it cost-effectively. That’s what Hithium products achieve, and we look forward to taking this step together.”

“We see Powin as a standard-bearer for quality in the sector, as well as for values and service, so we’re very proud to partner. This agreement is a testament to the caliber of our cell technology, to our advanced production lines, and to our promise of service,” added Monee Pang, Hithium VP.

Along with its battery monitoring and control platform, Powin has provided energy storage solutions for projects around the world, with more than 6 GWh deployed or under construction. Founded in 2019 and focused on stationary lithium-ion battery products, Hithium has shipped 9 GWh in total and is building out its production capacity to 70 GWh by end of 2023.

About Hithium

Founded in 2019, HiTHIUM is a leading manufacturer of top-quality stationary energy storage products for utility-scale as well as commercial and industrial applications. With four distinct R&D centers and multiple “intelligent” production facilities, HiTHIUM’s innovations include groundbreaking safety improvements to its lithium-ion batteries as well as increases in lifecycle. With many decades of cumulative experience in the field among its founders and senior executives, HiTHIUM leverages its specialization in BESS to deliver partners and customers unique advances in energy storage. The company is based in Xiamen, China, with further locations for production, research, or sales in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Munich, and California. HiTHIUM has shipped 9 GWh of battery capacity, 5 GWh in 2022 alone, and is expanding its current 45 GWh of production capacity to 70 GWh by the end of 2023.

About Powin, LLC (Powin)

At Powin, we are advancing the next frontier of energy and changing the way we power our daily lives by ensuring access to clean, resilient, and affordable power. As a global energy platform provider, we offer fully integrated battery storage solutions, software, and services to optimize grid performance and enable the transition to cleaner energy sources. Powin has over 6,000 MWh of energy storage systems that have been deployed or are under construction.