Hithium hosts roundtable at the BNEF summit New York, discussing next generation battery energy storage system

Hithium hosts roundtable at the BNEF summit New York, discussing next generation battery energy storage system

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  • Hithium’s first attendance and hosted roundtable discussion in BNEF summit New York 
  • Insightful conversations about battery technology innovation and global applications

April 24th, 2024, New York From April 16th to 17th, the BloombergNEF (BNEF) Summit was held in New York, USA. The BNEF Summit brings together energy, finance, and technology professionals to facilitate the exchange of ideas, insights, and connections. Hithium's first time attending after its global launch in 2023. Hithium was also invited to host a roundtable discussion on the topic of "Next Generation Battery Energy Storage System: Latest Technology Trends and Impact on Project Economics." led by Hithium Director of Global Applications Engineering, Neil Bradshaw. The discussion focused on the future development trends of energy storage and included insights on Hithium's technology innovations, global application practices, and international development for global energy green transformation.

Hithium’s advantages on the PCS flexible solution 

In the roundtable, Neil Bradshaw mentioned Hithium’s technical compatibility with major suppliers of power conversion systems. As a manufacturer of cells, battery modules, and full DC-side solutions, Hithium works with PCS suppliers on systems and projects onsite. Hithium manufactures and works with a range of inverter-makers to confirm that its battery products match well with their products. Neil stated, “Hithium's compatibility with major suppliers of inverters allows customers and investors to pre-select matching PCS for their projects. PCS supplier flexibility provide customers with cost-effective, space-saving, and integration services. "

“Just BESS" Strategy achieves in technology and product innovations

“While some companies offer only standard products, we tailor our services with market needs. Customizing is expensive. But we believe in the value of doing that.” Neil said. As the pace of global energy transition accelerates, energy storage technology, as a key technology to support the large-scale application of renewable energy, is facing unprecedented development opportunities. Neil introduced Hithium’s products that have diverged from EV due to the company’s revolutionary advancements in battery technology. These advancements include the 280Ah battery cell, the first excellent SEI films lead to ultra-long-lasting batteries and the latest 314Ah battery cell, has been created to offer cost optimization and 11,000 cycles. The “Just BESS" strategy is solely focused on stationary energy storage and providing customers with reliable, cost-effective energy storage products and solutions. 

Hithium delivered more than 200 energy storage projects with total shipment of over 20 GWh and aims to reach 135 GWh of production capacity only for stationary batteries by the end of 2025. Just recently, Hithium has been listed as global Tier 1 energy storage manufacturer in the BNEF 2024 Q1 and Q2 reports, and ranks in 2023’s Top 5 for global BESS shipments within its first year on the world stage.

About Hithium

Founded in 2019, Hithium is a leading manufacturer of top-quality stationary energy storage products for utility-scale as well as commercial and industrial applications. With four distinct R&D centers and multiple “intelligent” production facilities, Hithium’s innovations include groundbreaking safety improvements to its lithium-ion batteries as well as increases in lifecycle. With decades of cumulative experience in the field among its founders and senior executives, Hithium leverages its specialization in BESS to deliver partners and customers unique advances in energy storage. The company is based in Xiamen, China, with further locations in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Munich, Dubai, New York and California. Hithium has shipped 20+ GWh of BESS products to date.

Contact: chloe.chen@hithium.cn