largest standalone storage plant in China

HiTHIUM provides BESS for largest standalone storage plant in China

Located in an industrial park in Zhongwei City, Ningxia, the largest stand-alone energy storage power station in China has a capacity – provided by HiTHIUM battery products – of 400 MWh and output of 1.33 billion kWh per year.

It also features HiTHIUM’s full liquid-cooling solution. Close to the heat source, providing a uniform temperature and low energy consumption, liquid-cooling is more suitable for outdoor environment than air-cooling. It reduced the floor area for this power station by 35%, as well, and enables flexible operation and maintenance.

The first shared BESS power station in Ningxia, too, this plant stabilizes the energy supply for local residents, with the site able to store up to 400,000 kWh of electricity on a single charge, the equivalent of 300 households’ electricity consumption for a year. 

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