Stationary battery specialist Hithium enters Australian market

Stationary battery specialist Hithium enters Australian market

Press release

3. May 2023, Sydney, Xiamen — Lithium-ion battery manufacturer Hithium is appearing at the Smart Energy Expo for the first time to officially launch its 2023 Australian market entry. Having achieved top positioning for stationary batteries in its home market of China, the company will introduce its core energy storage systems (ESS) products in Sydney, including those planned for both OEM and direct sales in Australia.

Hithium delivered 5 GW of battery capacity in China in 2022, providing products formore than 40 ESS projects and ranking first in the domestic energy storage market in terms of projects supplied.*

With several large-scale battery deliveries for Australian customers already under agreement, Hithium also has collaborations planned in Australia with both service and certification agencies. The company is looking to open offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Hithium's Managing Director (APeC, MEA), Hong Chen said, “We see Australia not just as an important growth market for clean energy and energy storage but also as an exciting space for learning and cooperation. Our partners on the ground here are doing critical work in building the energy infrastructure of the future, and it’s an honor to support them.” 

Looking to meet the fast-growing global demand for premium stationary batteries, Hithium is expanding its production capacity, from its current 15 GW to 70 GW by the end of this year. Further expansions are already planned for the next several years. 

*Data source: GGII. Calculating the number of China’s energy storage projects using LFP batteries delivered. Updated in Jan, 2023.

About Hithium

Founded in 2019, Hithium is a leading manufacturer of premium stationary energy storage products for utility-scale, commercial and industrial, and residential applications. With four distinct R&D centers and multiple “intelligent” production facilities, Hithium’s innovations include groundbreaking safety improvements to its lithium-ion batteries as well as increases in lifecycle. With many decades of cumulative experience in the field among its founders and senior executives, Hithium leverages its specialization in BESS to deliver partners and customers unique advances in energy storage. The company is based in Xiamen, China, with further locations for production, research, or sales in Shenzhen, Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Munich, California, Mumbai, Brisbane and Sydney. Hithium shipped 5 GW of battery capacity in 2022 and is expanding its current 15 GW of production capacity to 70 GW by the end of 2023.