BESS specialist HiTHIUM debuts at The smarter E

Stationary lithium-ion battery manufacturer HiTHIUM is appearing at The smarter E Europe for the first time as a launchpad for its 2023 European market entry. Having achieved top positioning for stationary batteries in its home market of China, the company will introduce its key products and innovations in Munich, including those planned for both OEM and direct sales in Europe.

While winning more stationary energy storage (BESS) tenders in China in 2022 than any other manufacturer, HiTHIUM also shipped 5 GWh of battery products in 2022, its first complete year in production.

HiTHIUM production capacity growing to meet Europe’s energy storage goals

Surpassing 10 GWh of total battery storage capacity by the end of 2022, Europe is nonetheless behind in meeting its BESS needs. The continent aims to grow exponentially, with some expert estimates setting Europe’s 2030 target at 200 GWh.

HiTHIUM is currently building out its production capacity from the current 15 GWh to 70 GWh by the end of this year. European BESS project developers are now in a position to claim the EU’s share.

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