After-Sales Support

HiTHIUM Customer Support is dedicated to providing our partners and customers all over the world with outstanding, regionalized, and personal service throughout the lifecycle of our battery systems. With more than 12 GWh of battery capacity shipped, our commitment is backed by partnerships built on trust.

The HiTHIUM promise to our customers: localized, timely, expert support.

United States and Canada

More than170 technicians and engineers serve HiTHIUM customers in North America including service personnel from our service partners. HiTHIUM has regional warehouses as well as third-party warehouses across the continent, and third-party logistics cooperations, to supply North American customers quickly with spare components and replacement parts. Our third-party partners also facilitate end-of-life battery recycling. 


More than 80 techicians and engineers, including service agents from multiple service partners are available to service HiTHIUM customers across the whole of Europe. HiTHIUM has regional warehouses as well as partner warehouses in Europe, and third-party logistics cooperations, to enable the faster supply of parts as well as to facilitate end-of-life battery recycling.

Pacific (Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia)

HiTHIUM has 65 technicians andengineers prepared to provide service to our customers in these markets, along with warehouses across the region to ensure that components and spare parts are within quick reach. We work additionally with third-party logistics and multiple-use battery recycling partners.

Rapid response

Response time → 0.5~48 hours
We adjust our responses depending on our customers’ urgency. For the most serious cases, our maximum response time is 0.5~4 hours, with a commitment to resolve complex serious issues within 7 days. For general issues or minor defects, we are committed to responding within 1 to 2 days maximum depending on the issue.

Issue resolving → 3~7 days
For general issues or minor defects, we are committed to resolve within 7 days maximum depending on the issue. For the most serious cases, we offer a solution within 4 hours, with a commitment to resolve complex serious issues within 7 days.

Arrival time → 24~72 hours
We keep spare parts in stock regionally and supply them within 24 hours, except in the case of larger parts that may need to be shipped specially. These will be delivered within 72 hours.

Training technical professionals

To provide the high level of service our customers expect and deserve, we have state-of-the-art training facilities where we prepare our technicians for the field. This enables us to scale the number of trained service professionals that are available to meet growing demand. We provide general as well as specialist and customer-specific training, and additionally mentoring from experienced professionals.

Our extensive service offer to our customers includes:

In-warranty services

  • Training for installation guidance, commissioning, and product operation
  • Consultations and quality management for life of product
  • Product fault analysis and troubleshooting
  • Cost-free repair and replacement services
  • Annual inspections
  • Battery recycling at end of lifespan (through third party support)

Post warranty service

  • On-site technical support
  • Sale and delivery of spare parts

Services in detail

  • Deep technical understanding to ensure installation quality assurance and control
  • Professional engineers and solution team to carry out on-site commissioning
  • A scalable team to guarantee timing commitments
  • Reliable project transfer diligence
  • Covering the areas of the battery and its technology, HVAC, SCADA, and fire suppression

  • Customized one-year preventive maintenance program
  • Warranty compliance
  • Turnkey HVAC, batteries, fire suppression, and enclosure
  • Medium- and high-voltage electrical distribution services
  • Material procurement, spare parts warehousing, and logistics

Corrective Maintenance

  • HVAC, batteries, fire suppression, enclosure troubleshooting
    and corrective repairs
  • SLA dispatching nationwide
  • 24-7 on-call scheduling
  • Same day responses
  • Work order integration management
  • Remote Operations Center (ROC)

Parts Sourcing and Warehousing

  • On-hand stock for common component replacements
  • Same-day and overnight shipping
  • Central as well as regional warehousing

Proprietary Tracking and Reporting Platform enables:

  • Daily tracking of preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Customer login and dashboards
  • Live update of work orders
  • Work orders by category
  • Keep track of preventive and corrective maintenance backlog
  • Parts usage
  • Tech dispatch
  • Optimized technology for volume and logistics processing
  • In-house development team

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