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The cornerstone of clean energy is safe, durable, high-efficiency batteries.


Empowering clean energy


What is HiTHIUM?

HiTHIUM manufactures top quality stationary energy storage products for leading large-scale energy project developers as well as commercial and industrial customers.

We’re driven by our dedication to quality because that’s what our customers, the energy transition, and future generations deserve. And we believe that the most effective way to achieve it isn’t business as usual.

Adopting clean energy and securing a liveable planet call for new ways of building, innovating, and working.


The HiTHIUM way is open, friendly cooperation. We’re in this together, and we’ll only succeed together. So let’s work together.


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“While we meet the rapidly increasing demand for energy storage products, we’re uncompromising on three central features: delivering the highest quality batteries, sustainably, while practicing our values.” 

Jason Wang, President

Our core advantage? Specialisation.

In a sector where most battery manufacturing concentrates on e-mobility products, we choose to focus solely on stationary batteries (BESS).

Our specialisation enables us to shed old limitations and optimise BESS. This way, we can deliver our customers unique advancements in cost-effectiveness, performance, durability, and safety.


HiTHIUM delivered over 40 energy storage projects in 2022, ranking first in its domestic energy storage market in terms of the number of projects supplied.

“In concentrating on e-mobility, our industry has missed significant opportunities. By specialising in stationary BESS, HiTHIUM can truly innovate and achieve much-needed improvements in safety, efficiency, LCOE and more.” 

Mizhi Zhang, HiTHIUM Head of Global Business


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Where we come from shapes where we’re going.

Headquartered in the ancient city of Xiamen, which ranks among the world’s top producers of scientific research and is home to several of China’s most elite universities, HiTHIUM seeks to combine exactly these traits:

Producing cutting-edge R&D and the highest quality products. Sustainably, safely, in a way that lasts – like the city itself.

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Destination: clean energy.

Our BESS products are powering China’s largest standalone energy storage project and largest distributed energy storage project, both in Ningxia. We also provided the batteries for the largest C&I projects in Guandong and Henan.


HiTHIUM delivered 30+ GWh of battery product shipments up to date.


Proud to be a trusted partner of some of the largest grid operators, renewable energy companies, and energy project developers in our home market of China. 

The HiTHIUM Test Verification Center has been certified by TÜV Rheinland as a suitable CTF Stage 2 Testing Laboratory for the standard IEC 62619.

“In just three years we reached this milestone of TÜV Rheinland certification, meeting a globally respected standard for our own internal battery testing processes.” 

Nazar Yi, HiTHIUM CTO 


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How do we get there? If our products are the engine, our culture is the road 

HiTHIUM was founded in 2019 with a group of experienced executives with many decades of cumulative expertise in the sector, who wanted to build a different kind of company.

A company top clean energy workers and researchers would want to join – and to stay at, long-term.  

A company founded out of a true respect for nature, dedicated to harnessing its power to drive the adoption of clean energy worldwide.

A company committed to open, cordial collaboration. Where, when we say “team,” we mean not just HiTHIUM but also our partners and our customers. 

“The energy transition needs not just innovation and speed, but also a new way of working together. Across the sector, we’re all having to reach beyond our limits – to learn from each other and keep pushing our standards higher. We owe it to the planet and to future generations to succeed. That’s why for me, it was essential that HiTHIUM be a different kind of company. We’re committed to achieving success, and doing it together.”

Jeff Wu, Chairman