HiTHIUM wird Mitglied der Europäischen Vereinigung für Energiespeicherung (EASE)

“ Storage is the missing cornerstone of a successful and affordable renewable energy system “ – Winfried Wahl

HiTHIUM’s OG team member in Germany, long-time clean energy and technology expert Winfried Wahl, spearheaded the process of becoming a member of the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE). The organization, founded in 2011, represents the voices of manufacturers like HiTHIUM along with utilities, research institutes, and both distribution and transmission system operators. EASE aims to support the building of a storage-friendly regulatory framework in Europe.

Wahl explained HiTHIUM’s strength: HiTHIUM’s “clear focus on stationary energy storage products based on LFP technology […] allows us to optimize products, processes, and production on cost and performance especially for the needs of BESS systems.”

He also spoke to why it’s so important for us to be part of initiatives like EASE in a recent interview with the group: “Since sources like solar and wind are volatile, storage is necessary to buffer energy production and match demand. A regulatory framework will play a big role in integrating storage into the energy market and enabling the energy transition to succeed: we need to update energy regulation and laws, educate people, and share know-how.“

As a manufacturer focused on stationary energy storage products based on LFP technology, we look forward to collaborating with EASE and its members: both to advocate for storage-supporting policy and to drive forward the energy transition.